Collidal Silver at the Hospital?

OK, here’s a common problem, and some suggestions for how to deal with it.

Let’s say you have a friend or a loved one in the hospital. As we all know, and more and more studies are confirming, the hospital can be a very dangerous and deadly place. All kinds of antibiotic resistant bugs hang out there and despite all precautions, if your immune system is compromised, you are their target.

So, how can colloidal silver be administered to your friend or loved one in the hospital? As Jesus counseled us, we must be “wise as serpents but harmless as doves” in our quest to care for our loved ones.

First of all, if your doctor should happen to be someone who is honest enough to admit that she doesn’t know everything, seek her approval and support. In fact, the most effective and fast-acting way to administer colloidal silver is intravenously, and in cases where an infection is all-pervasive or far advanced, this may be called for.

However, sadly, the state of medical knowledge in 21st century America is a very sad, backward, and superstitious morass propagated by active government suppression and deep-seated prejudices fostered by drug-company funded medical schools. And so, you may have to do an end run around the gatekeepers of your loved-one’s care.

If you choose to act, your conscience must be clear – you should know and understand that colloidal silver is the perfect adjunct to any and all “conventional” treatments – it does not interfere with other modalities.

On a daily basis, just bring some fresh colloidal silver to your loved one in a thermos. If you should be questioned by any of the medical personnel, simply say “I’ve brought [John] some water from home. Consider it “comfort food.” and then just smile.

In most cases, you should have no problem with this “stealth” approach, and you could save a life.

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2 Responses to Collidal Silver at the Hospital?

  1. Ema says:

    No. If the doctor has lab evidence that you have an active bacterial infection, then you need the standard antibiotics prescribed by the doctor. Garlic and other natural remedies with antibiotic properties are effective in preventing infection. They should never be used exclusively to treat a lab-confirmed bacterial infection.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ema, thanks for your comment; however, you missed part of the point of this article! This is the point: colloidal silver can be safely used IN ADDITION to whatever treatments your hospital or doctor may be using. That is what “adjunct treatment” means. I am not suggesting that you stop taking the antibiotics your doctor prescribes!

    If you follow the links from this article, you will find that there are now “superbugs” that your doctor’s antibiotics are powerless or too weak to help; that is why colloidal silver is so important, because the so-called “superbugs” cannot form a resistance to it. Colloidal silver works on a different principle than chemical antibiotics, and therefore the microorganisms cannot adapt to it.

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