Make A Simple Generator

OK, I should have published this article a lot sooner! Nevertheless, here we go.

You can make a very simple generator for colloidal silver that will nonetheless, when carefully used, make a very high quality solution. A few “simple tricks” will give you the best possible results.

You will need a few inexpensive items, most available from local sources like Radio Shack and from a neighborhood coin shop.

  • One (1) black alligator clip lead
  • One (1) white alligator clip lead
  • Two (2) alligator clip leads of any other color
  • Two pieces of pure silver (.999 “fine silver”)
  • One 10K ohm resistor
  • One LED (may be Bi-Color)
  • Three 9V batteries

Put the 9V batteries in series as illustrated here:

Three 9V batteries in series.

Use three fresh nine-volt batteries in series.

Clip a black alligator lead wire to one side, and the white lead wire to the other side as in the photo. Now clip the 10K ohm resistor to the other end of one of the wires; let’s use the black wire for our example. Add a colored clip lead from the other end of the resistor to one of your pieces of silver. You are now half-done!

Clip one lead of your LED to the open end of the white wire, and clip the other colored alligator clip wire to the other LED lead. The final “open end” of the colored wire should now be clipped to your second piece of silver.

Here’s a very simple “schematic” of the setup:

Battery                   LED

Finally, test your setup by touching the pieces of silver together. The LED should light up; if it does not, simply reverse the connections of the LED end for end and try again. This time it should light up, and your generator is now ready to run!

NOTE: If you use a “bi-color” LED (e.g. Radio Shack Catalog #276-0012) it will not matter which direction you connect it – it will work both ways! :)

To run your generator, check out the Instruction Page.

OK, what are the “simple tricks” I mentioned before to get good results? :) Check out this article for those simple things to consider.


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