“My Experience with Colloidal Silver,” or “How I’ve Used and Abused Coloidal/Ionic Silver for Decades Without Turning Blue”

I recently gave a talk at Libertopia, the annual freedom conference held in San Diego. As an innovation booth1this year, the conference organizers created Libertopia Village, a lovely agorist marketplace set up in one of the host hotel’s ballrooms. In a booth that we set up in the Village, we demonstrated that it is not only possible, but rather easy to make Colloidal/Ionic silver at home with a simple apparatus.booth2


I estimate that about half of the attendees had at least heard of CS before coming to the conference. Perhaps 20 to 30 percent had actually used it themselves. However, only a few already knew that it is possible to make your own, and one or two had done so with other equipment.

On the morning of the last day of the conference, I gave my talk. The audience was very receptive and gracious, and my allotted time seemed to fly by.


Diagramming A Simple Generator

Diagramming A Simple Generator

I diagrammed a simple circuit design for a home made device for generating colloidal silver, explaining how the distilled water itself comprised a variable resistance as part of a voltage divider that partially controls and limits current flow, keeping the CS particle size smaller than it would otherwise be if a power source were connected directly.



The talk was recorded and I expect the video to eventually appear on YouTube; however, here is an audio-only recording that I personally made of the talk.

Demonstrating the "Tyndall Effect"

Demonstrating the “Tyndall Effect”


You may also download an MP3 copy of the talk here (“right-click” and “save as”).

One of the more interesting features of Colloidal Silver that I was able to demonstrate for the audience is known as “The Tyndall Effect.” The science behind this effect teaches that the particles generated by the simple generator I described are smaller than one micron in diameter.

Thanks to all who attended the talk and especially to those who asked some very constructive questions!

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