“But, What About…?”

Yes, everyone has concerns, especially when hearing about colloidal silver for the first time. All kinds of questions immediately spring to mind:

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  1. Isaac says:

    Four days ago I had a wisdom tooth pulled. Somewhat of ‘botched’ job. During the extraction, the tooth broke. Bone was shaved and tissue cut in order to facilitate extraction (not fun). An infection ensued resulting in a swollen jaw (also not fun). Chosen remedy: Allow body to heal itself via Fairly high strength Colloidal Silver (actually ‘Ionic Silver’ @ aprox. 15 20 PPM) several times a day, nutritious organic meals, organic fruits/veggies, great amounts of salt water, vitamin supplements, rest, etc. I also use an excellent, affordable cleaning device called, ‘ShowerPik’ and have tried a similar item called, ‘ShowerFloss’ (also good, I own both). I am avoiding mainstream pharmaceuticals (root word, ‘Pharmacia’ = Sorcery), which includes typical prescription antibiotics. Am looking for other natural/organic remedies to alleviate this ailment. If you know of any, or have had a similar experience, please share ASAP. HELP!!!.. and thanks. I will post my results here later.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Isaac, thanks for your report here.

    The only other suggestion I may have for you off-hand would be to Google “Bob Beck” and the “Beck Protocol.” These use micro-currents of electricity to help speed the healing process and to disable microorganisms.

    I wish you a speedy recovery! :)

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