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Libertopia 2014 – “Escaping the Medical/Industrial Complex”

I was once again honored to speak at the Libertopia freedom conference this year. In case you haven’t been paying attention for the last half-decade or so, Libertopia is a marvelous annual gathering of voluntaryists, anarchists, minarchists, and freedom lovers … Continue reading

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Special Page for Makers!

Hi, and Welcome! If you visited our booth at the San Diego Mini-Makerfaire, Thanks! Perhaps a friend directed you here. Either way, Welcome! Please enjoy this entire site, but this page is especially for “makers.” GO HERE for my Virtual … Continue reading

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“My Experience with Colloidal Silver,” or “How I’ve Used and Abused Coloidal/Ionic Silver for Decades Without Turning Blue”

I recently gave a talk at Libertopia, the annual freedom conference held in San Diego. As an innovation this year, the conference organizers created Libertopia Village, a lovely agorist marketplace set up in one of the host hotel’s ballrooms. In … Continue reading

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Simple Tricks for Good Results

Here are a few “simple tricks” that will ensure good results when you make your own colloidal silver at home:

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Make A Simple Generator

OK, I should have published this article a lot sooner! Nevertheless, here we go. You can make a very simple generator for colloidal silver that will nonetheless, when carefully used, make a very high quality solution. A few “simple tricks” … Continue reading

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Collidal Silver at the Hospital?

OK, here’s a common problem, and some suggestions for how to deal with it. Let’s say you have a friend or a loved one in the hospital. As we all know, and more and more studies are confirming, the hospital … Continue reading

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Making a CS Ointment

I recently tried making an ointment from colloidal silver. After searching the web for various recipes and checking out a kit, I mostly didn’t like what I saw. There was one idea, however, that seemed to make sense.

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Although I’ve made and used colloidal silver for many years, recently I’ve been revisiting my methods, reading more, and improving my CS generator designs. I would like to share what I’ve been learning with all who may visit this site!

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