Follow these simple instructions to use your new, simple, low-current colloidal silver generator:

You’ll notice that the generator has two pair of alligator-clip leads, one pair coming out of each end. The colored pair goes to your pure silver wires or medallions. The black and white pair goes to your batteries or power supply.

Take three or four nine-volt batteries and daisy-chain clip them together in series, like in this picture.

Three 9V batteries in series.

Use three fresh nine-volt batteries in series.

Hook up your generator to the batteries by clipping the black and white pair, one clip to each free terminal of the battery chain. NOTE: with a Bi-Color LED generator design, the polarity does not matter. The only difference you will notice is that the LED will glow GREEN when connected one way, and will glow RED when connected the other way.

With the batteries connected in either polarity, you can test the circuit by simply shorting together the colored output leads. This is completely safe because the design of the circuit limits the amount of current that can flow to a maximum of about 4 milliamps even with a dead short. NOTE: If you are using a single LED design, you may need to reverse the polarity of the black and white battery leads until the LED lights.

Before connecting the generator, you should fill a clean glass with pure distilled water and you may wish to heat it in a microwave oven for a minute or two. If the water is hot, it will improve the dispersion of the silver into solution. Alternatively, you may wish to use an inexpensive aquarium pump with the outlet at the bottom of the glass. Bubbling the solution while the generator is operating will also improve the dispersion dramatically.

You should use something to keep the silver wires or medallions separated and parallel with one another. I used some discarded plastic foam packaging material. Space them about 1″ apart and immerse them in a glass of pure distilled water. This photo shows the entire simple setup.

The complete CS generator setup "in action"

A complete CS generator setup in action. Note that silver wires are spaced about 1″ apart and kept parallel.

Let this setup run for about 45 minutes to one hour. When you are done, disconnect the wires and batteries so that you don’t run the batteries down.

Pour the silver solution through a paper coffee filter into a clean glass or other container. With a paper towel or clean rag, wipe any residue off of the silver wires and the glass that you used when generating the CS solution.

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