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Colloidal Silver, An Impressive Home-Made Antibiotic

UPDATED: December 2013

This is the “back story” of how I discovered the amazing utility and benefits of colloidal silver, and how I began making and using it many years ago.

NOTE: A few non-working links have been left in this article as historical references – in some cases you may be able to track down the old website content at http://archive.org Please also note that some of the sites I link to may sell or promote the sale of colloidal silver generators or accessories, but I list them here only for their information content.

Once while my wife and I were away from home for a few days, we walked into a store that sold natural remedies. They had everything on sale for half off. I had heard and read a bit about colloidal silver, and when I saw some on the shelf, I bought the bottle.

It worked well for me, and so I wondered if there might be information on the internet telling how to make it. Sure enough, I found http://www.silversolutions.com and read their material. I built my own colloidal silver generator and began to use it.

NOTE: http://www.silversolutions.com is now unfortunately defunct, but you might find a copy of their old website at http://wayback.archive.org/web/*/http://silversolutions.com ? – Meanwhile, you can find lots of good information at http://colloidalsilversecrets.blogspot.com/ and at Colloidal Silver How-To

I used to get severe sinus infections about once every couple of years. Dry weather would result in dried and cracking sinus linings that would then become infected, producing great green gobs of mucous, fevers, and much general discomfort. Not being especially fond of doctors, I would try to “tough it out” and get rid of the infection on my own. I tried hot and spiced tea, garlic, and various other home remedies, all to no avail.

Finally in desperation I would walk into a storefront medical clinic and pay a doctor $75 bucks to tell me what I already knew — that I had a sinus infection! With the doctor’s magic writing (a prescription) in hand, I would then go and pay a pharmacist $50 – $100 bucks for some antibiotics.

Now I simply heat some distilled water, hook up my silver rods to about 30 volts DC, and in 45 minutes I have a very effective antibiotic.

Colloidal silver is perfectly safe to use internally in moderation. The CRC Handbook lists elemental silver as “non-toxic”. I’ve been taking it internally for years, and four out of five friends still consider me perfectly normal. :)

My friend, a microbiologist, tested some of the silver I made by applying it to a colony of staph and strep bacteria in a petri dish. He said that wherever the bacteria were in contact with the silver for a minute or more, they died.

For more general information about colloidal silver, read this article.

Here is a site that I found recently (2012) with some very good and helpful information about colloidal silver. They also offer some parts and accessories that could help you if you choose to construct your own CS generator: Colloidal Silver How-To

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Over several years of use, and after reading about this subject more widely, I’ve developed my own recommendations for a simple apparatus and procedure for making your own colloidal silver.

NOTE: (December 2013) I’ve learned a few things that supersede the article below – for example, if you add a 1.6K ohm resistor and LED in series with the batteries, you get two things for a very low additional cost; (1) a battery-check indicator (LED must be in the correct polarity, unless you use TWO LEDs back-to-back!) and (2) a simple current-limiting source that keeps lowering the voltage applied across the colloidal silver solution to keep the current in the low milliamp range (about 1ma to 5ma, depending on source voltage) as the silver dissociates from the rods into solution. You may also want to use a small aquarium pump “bubbler” to agitate the solution while operating. I hope to update the doc below soon with some more of these details! :)

If you follow these simple instructions carefully, you should be able to easily and reliably make a very effective solution at home.

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  1. Dunia says:

    There may be, but not discovered as yet. There is a seruois lack of positive studies for existing so-called natural antibiotics, which at the end of the day, are just dirty drugs. Ben’s advice is good. Stick to the medical science efficacy, risk and safety is known.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Dunia, I’m glad you commented, but I must say you are completely wrong. There are plenty of clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of colloidal silver, and you can read about them here: http://www.thesilveredge.com/studies.shtml

    Thanks to Steve Barwick at “The Silver Edge,” here is a nice long list of studies that show that colloidal silver is very effective.

    You are also wrong in categorizing colloidal silver as a “dirty drug.” It is not a drug, but rather a naturally occurring element that is non-toxic, safe, efficacious, and risk free.

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